There is never a more special time for a family than when welcoming a new child into your lives. It's true what they say 'the days are long but the years are short'. The newborn stage is filled with so many beautiful memories, your first gaze in to new sleepy eyes, tiny new hands wrapped around your finger, perfect little kissable lips and their sweet scent you wish you could bottle. Here at Two Little Chicks we love to capture these memories for you in one of our newborn sessions using natural light and in the comfort of your own home.

Before you know it your precious newborn is a six months old baby and has their own adorable little personality, this is the perfect time to book in for a sitter session.

Family photography I feel are such an important part of our lives, they are part of our legacy, tangible memories we can share with everyone and look back on throughout the years. Two Little Chicks family sessions are based outdoors in and around Huddersfield and we aim to get a photo of everyone with everyone, so each child will have a lasting memory with their beautiful Mummy, handsome Daddy and of course their loving siblings. Something happens to us when we see pictures of our families. We well up with pride and want to show people; we travel back in time and can see and feel details long forgotten; we’re reminded of what matters and how time moves too quickly, and to treasure the moments we have today.

Every one of our packages includes physical fine art prints, because we value the importance of printing our memories and displaying them with pride for all to see.